When more secure cards are needed.

Here’s Where Users Ask for More Secure ID Cards

Today, virtually every industry and business have some need for secure photo IDs and smart access cards that help them manage and control access of employees, visitors, or customers. The simple photo ID card has evolved new features and smart card technologies that enhance security and protection for people and facilities in industries as diverse as hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and government.


More and more organizations are turning to printer-enabled security features such as encryption, specialty ribbons, and laminates to help them ensure security and prevent counterfeiting, alteration, and unauthorized duplication. In addition to encoded and encrypted security elements, visual holograms, microtext, UV fluorescent images, guilloche patterns, and metallic inks are examples of the technologies that are used to enhance the security of ID cards today.


Here’s a brief look at some of the industries and applications that frequently require enhanced security from their ID card solution.


General Access Control

The first and most common need for security features in ID cards stems from the most common usage: general access control. From K-12 and higher education to every type of commercial office building, manufacturing plant, or distribution center, enhanced security features can give organizations a much higher degree of automation and control than simple photo ID cards.


Retail & Hospitality

Personalized smart cards provide solutions for retailers and service industries as they migrate to automated and contactless payment systems. The ability to rapidly print and encode personalized cards at the point of service makes these cards perfect for one-time event passes at conventions or trade shows, season passes, guest and passenger cards, personalized loyalty program cards, and much more.


Financial Services

For most of us, the need for cards that deliver a high level of security is most obvious in financial services, where the proliferation of debit and credit cards makes an enticing target for identity thieves and hackers. Fortunately, todays’ card printers can easily incorporate encryption tools, special ribbons, and overlays that make it easier to prevent fraud.


Driver’s Licenses

No ID card is more ubiquitous than a driver’s license, and today’s version marks a significant leap forward in security over those used just a few years ago. Today’s card printers enable the use of special tamper-evident laminates that add holographic designs, UV imaging, microprinting, and other security features that raise the bar on this often-faked ID. 


Government Agency Access Cards and Tribal Membership Cards

From military installations and government buildings to law enforcement and correctional facilities, smart access control cards provide necessary security and automation. Enhanced-security cards can be programmed to control entry to areas ranging from those that allow broad access all the way up to areas that require the highest level of security. And adding the custom card security custom printing features, you will have a card that will help prevent counterfeiting, alteration, and unauthorized duplication


Airport Personnel ID Cards

Given the number of restricted spaces and access limitations in place at every airport in the world, it’s no surprise that airports are at the forefront of enhanced-security ID card usage. From simple ID functions to smart access controls, today’s airports always use cards that support extra layers of control and protection.


While the world may still be searching for a card that is 100% secure, if you need a higher level of performance from your ID card solutions, contact ID Specialists. We’ll help you evaluate your security options to design the most effective solution for your application.

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