Here’s Why Zebra’s ZC350 Card Printer and Specialty Ribbons May Be the Perfect Solution

When you need a card printer that can do it all, combining Zebra’s ZC350 Card Printer with three specialty ribbons may be the perfect solution. The ZC350 has a compact footprint that fits just about anywhere you need it, including customer-facing areas of medical facilities, retail stores, and health clubs. And adding a few specialty ribbons gives you the ability to produce just about any card you might need, including photo-ID cards, credit and debit cards, access cards, loyalty cards, and more.


One of the things that makes the ZC350 Card Printer stand out is performance. It prints at up to twice the speed of other printers in its class. So, whether you’re printing one card at a time or running batch processes to create hundreds at once, the ZC350 is fast enough to keep up.


Another standout feature of the ZC350 Card Printer is print quality. It delivers 300 dpi edge-to-edge printing with photo-quality output, so images, logos, text, and barcodes all look great. Single-side and double-side printing options are available.


The ZC350 also integrates a range of encoding options, allowing you to easily produce contact, contactless, proximity, or magnetic stripe cards. For added security, a variety of stock and custom laminates allow you to incorporate visual, hidden, or microscopic elements that make your cards more difficult to counterfeit.


Plus, the ZC350 gives you the advanced printing options you need to create and print just about any card design you can imagine. That’s where three specialty ribbons come into play.


Long-Life Ribbon

Zebra's long-life ribbon adds four times the durability of a standard ribbon, without the complexity and cost of lamination. By adding two protective layers to each card, you get a much greater level of durability for cards that receive frequent usage. You can also add a watermark to the protective layers. The watermark is only visible at an angle and fluoresces under a UV lamp, providing a way to visually check the card for authenticity.


These benefits make Zebra's long-life ribbon the perfect solution for on-demand printing of long-lasting ID cards for schools, airport security, government access, and more.


Color-Shifting Ribbon

One of the first lines of defense against counterfeit cards is a visual feature that’s hard to replicate but easy to check whenever a card is presented. Zebra’s color-shifting ribbon makes it easy to add a color-shifting logo or security mark to enhance the security of your full color cards. For an even higher level of security, color-shifting features can even be applied to variable data.


3D Ribbon Text Effects and Metallic Image

3D text and metallic images offer another hard-to-replicate visual effect that can easily be added to your card with Zebra’s 3D metallic ribbon. Applying the 3D effect to customer names or account numbers really makes personalized information pop. The 3D ribbon can also be used to create a metallic underlay that makes a logo or image stand out. This is the perfect solution for membership cards, VIP badges, and corporate event ID cards that need an extra level of professionalism or sophistication.


If you’re searching for a compact, affordable card printing solution with the ability to print just about any card you can imagine, contact ID Specialists to learn more about Zebra’s ZC350 Card Printer.

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